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CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Red Arete CAD support. Working with most 3D modeling software we can implement CAD systems produce 3D models and assemblies and produce 2D engineering drawings.
3D CAD drafting CAD Admin
  On site CAD  administration to help smooth the set up of a new CAD system, creating standard models, drawings & drawing frames to provide a robust and reliable CAD backbone and be on hand to teach & guide new CAD users.
3D CAD drafting CAD Engineer
  On site / Off site CAD engineer with years of 3D modeling experience, capable of working with your design standards & along side your engineering staff.  CAD Model
 3D CAD drafting CAD Legacy & 2D drafting
  On site / Off site conversion of paper or electronic 2D drawings to 3D with associated Model & Drawing. As companies invest in 3D modeling software the old 'legacy' drawings can get left behind, with the parts still current but the drawings not being modified. This can be a drain on staff time to redraw parts when there time is needed on more important project areas. 

Our modeling expertise can be used to convert drawings to 3D fast, we will use your set up files and company standards to fit straight in. The work can be done off site not taking up valuable CAD seats.
Drafting of parts and assemblies, example drawing of a simple trunnion block.

Detail drawing
3D CAD drafting 3D CAD Engineering Projects

Chanel Mobile art Pavilion by Zaha Hadid

This building was designed by Zaha Hadid, and built by Stage One in York. Red Arete was invited to assist in the development of the mould design of the building body skin by Linmech, where we took data of the skin panels in the form of ACIS files imported the file in to Solidworks and created the mould impression in the appropriate size block.

The Mould block was foam that was machined with the data Red Arete & Linmech supplied, This data had to have the free form shape developed by the architect and the thickness required for the panel. The mould also needed to have features for defining edges and interfaces between skin panels and the skin frame. Red Arete produced 3D mould data for a total of 77 skin panels. Among these panels we worked on some of the most interesting & challenging features like the roof ventilation 'eye lids', cloakroom & atrium roof.

Chanel Pavilion

LR7 Sea Dragon by Perry Slignsby Systems

This building was designed & built by Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd for the Chinese government. An engineer from Red Arete was invited to work on the mechanical detail design of LR7 and it's components.

Our engineer worked on the Hydraulics and sea water ballast system, taking information from the schematic drawings and working with the chief systems designer, fabrication and suppliers to produce a 3D model and detail design for production.

The buoyancy & ballast of this life rescue vehicle was carefully calculated to allow the vehicle to be controlled to allow it to match the attitude of a disabled submarine in the water. Many of the buoyancy volumes were calculated with Pro/E and relative coordinates, this data helped the engineers to trim the buoyancy & ballast to match the design specification.

LR7 Sea Dragon

3D modeling experience:
Several years experience with Pro/E, modeling large assemblies e.g. narrow boats & excavators, modeling pipe work and routed systems for hydraulics, cabling, gasses and water systems. Sheet metal components including folded and flat patterns and pressed features.

Solidworks was added to our CAD software inventory in 2006 we are also part of the SolidWorks Certified Associate (SWCA) programme. Design work undertaken by Red Arete can be carried out at our design suit in Huddersfield and sent back to the client in a number of formats.

Automated design steps such as Pro/Program to reduce the design cycle and family table design with tabular or single drawing sheets.

Drawing frame set ups that include associative tables to draw on detail information held within the active models or family tables. Digitizing logo's from art work to DXF files to be read into CAD systems.

CAD systems used:
Pro/ENGINEER, skilled user and administrator with lots of experience in drafting, modeling and implementing & running a multi seat CAD office.

Solid Edge, 3D modeling & 2D drafting.

Solid Works, 3D Modeling & 2D drafting. Primary CAD software used by Red Arete for detail design of precision engineering components. 

RADAN, sheet metal CAD/CAM workshop admin & 3D/2D design & drafting.

Other systems used:
AutoCAD, AutoCAD lt, Catia,  Medusa & GDS.