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Engineering consultant, available for mechanical engineering projects revolving around design and production. Several projects have been awarded to Red Arete Ltd as part of a grant aided scheme run by the University of Huddersfield to assist SME’s (small – medium enterprises) by supplying an engineering consultant.

Types of work previously undertaken:
Engineering design CAD system selection and Implementation
  CAD system selection & implementation, providing an unbiased assessment of the customer needs and matching that with the right CAD package for the customer and implementing the chosen system.
Engineering design Design
Mechanical design, providing a mechanical engineering perspective to design new or develop products. Solid Edge modeling software is used where a client has no in house engineering design software. See fig 1. 

Product design, developing ideas from concept to a market ready product 

Detail design, taking the product design and making all the appropriate detail available for production.

All these design stages can be supported by our rapid prototyping facility to help improve the product's fitness for purpose and safe and reliable  use.

mechanical engineer
Fig 1. Die Holder
Engineering design Production setup
Production set up, providing the customer with a production plan that would see them through the initial phase of production. See fig2. Jig design to facilitate production.
Engineering design
Fig 2. Production Drilling Jig